CREAD (1)_optWelcome to the second edition of CREAD- CRitical Evaluation, Appraisal and Discussion.

This very much takes its inspiration from the work of the team over at Life in The Fast Lane which provides regular round ups of some of the many resources available via the internet which makes our learning easier.

We are attempting something similar here, but the difference is that the contributors are from specialties other than medicine. So we have paramedics, nurses, and physios to name just a few. They are all experienced in their fields, regular internet learners and Twitter users. Some have written articles and some have pointed out some of the resources they have come across on their internet travels.

This will be a bi-monthly effort initially. If it becomes popular and the hard working contributors can find the time then I hope it will become more regular.

I do want to emphasize that it is the work of the contributors that makes it work…..I am just the coordinator.

If you do feel you want to make a contribution in the future please get in touch with me via Twitter @ccpractitioner.

Thoracic Aortic Dissection

Rob Fenwick takes us through some of the thinking processes behind this alarming problem. He also provides some of the research underpinning some of the decisions we need to make. Read more here….

Dr Ken Grauer- Fabulous ECG resource

Charles Spencer loves his ECG’s. Well he would, being a cardiac nurse practitioner. He also highly recommends his favourite resource for ECGs Dr Ken Grauer. Go and find out why…..

Just Say Sepsis

Nicki Credland was on the advisory panel for the just released NCEPOD document ‘Just Say Sepsis’. It makes for some interesting reading…..go here to read Nicki’s summary and find links to the full document.

Water from a stone?

Klint Kloepping thinks this might be possible! Intrigued? Go and read his thoughts and let him know what you think….

Blood, Fluid and Fat!

Gavin Denton summarises his September resources which include resources on managing the obese patient and sickle cell emergencies.

SALAD anyone?

James Ducanto has very kindly allowed me to post his instructions for building a mannikin that will vomit!! Brilliant…..let me know if you make one!

The content on the website is provided for FREE as is the podcast.

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Thank you.

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